Willie Lloyd: A Vice Lord's Story

Willie Lloyd: A Vice Lord Story


Willie Lloyd was one of Chicago's most notorious gang leaders, in one of Chicago's most notorious gangs, the Vice Lords. under his leadership the gang took part in everything from murder to drug dealing. He himself was accused of killing a cop, extortion, robbery and other unsolved crimes.

A man small in stature, lived bigger than life in a criminal underworld that would come back with a vengeance. Willie Lloyd is a story that defines living by the gun eventually dying by one. This is a documentary for those who've lived the paralyzing gang lifestyle.

Cocaine is the number one illegal selling drug in America. Because of the severe penalties involved with the sale, dealers have become creative in strecting the substance to double its profit. The dangers associated with the use of the stretched merchandise has left a trail of sickness and death. watch and be amazed as a chemist demonstrates what dealers themselves don't know.

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