Sub Zero: Deep Freeze Edition

Sub Zero: Deep Freeze Edition

Inside the Strip Clubs

Dip-Set - Mobb Deep
Shiest Bub - Chamillionare
N.O.R.E. - Obie Trice
Also Featuring - Fat Joe, Drag-On, Blackhand Ent. True Life, Young Zee, Limidee, Chubby Baby and more


Ladies see Juelz Santana in his Underwear, as he and Jim Jone teaches us about swagger!

Fellas, hang inside the strip clubs with DJ Deep Freeze as the hottest Latino and Black honeys shake their phat asses!

Hang out with N.O.R.E. at his video shoot where you will see Fat Joe, Tru Life,Lumidee and some of the baddest spanish women in NY.

Chamillionaire teaches us why Southeren rappers are so successful and East Coast rappers are not!

Obie Trice visits New York and talks greasy about Buffie the Body

Drag-On Barks, "I'm the Original Fire-Man!" and speaks out against Cash Money and Lil Wayne.

Tru Life throws blows at Dip-Set and much more...

Price: $14.99 [DVD only]

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