Street War Stories

Street War Stories

Black News Pictures in Association with Blood'N Crip'N the series Presents A film by Billy Wright
Starring: Monster Kody, Denva Lane, Bloods Eight Tray Gangsters Hoover, Harlem 30's, Eight Tray Hoovers, Fruit Town Brims, Harvard Gangster Crips.

Street War Stories is a fact based documentary on the Crips and the Blood gangs in Los Angeles. Starring best selling author Sanyika Shakur aka "Monster" Kody Scott (Monster: The Autobiography of an L.A. Gangmember), an ex-Crip member who spent 16 year as a "gangbanger" in South Central Los Angeles.

Through uncensored one on one interviews with Crips and Bloods, they convey a sense of the siege mentality and daily barrage of gang-on-gang violence that prevails every minute of everyday as Scott pushes the narrative forward.

In a society that glamorizes life both on film and in music, Street War Stories brings a raw glimpse into the reality that the streets hold.

AMERICA is not a country, its an enpire that is built on a consumer society which has different \ ecconomic tiers and they got us eating at flea markets and swap meets, thinking that that's REAL!

Price: $19.99 [ 2 Disc set DVD/CD]

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