Living with No Regrets

Featuring: Treach(Naughty by Nature), Marc Jeffries, AZ, Clifton Powell, Charlie Baltimore and more.

Malcolm is a young black man trying to survive on the streets of Newark, New Jersey by any means necessary. He took to the fast street life of money, drugs, respect and power leading him to be known as, “The King of Newark”. Malcolm controlled the drug ring in Newark and quickly became the go to man for guns and drugs. He ran the streets and never allowed the streets to run him. Malcolm was a black belt in karate, had parents who loved and wanted the best for him but Malcolm's desires centered around his money, his reputation and women until his son was born.

Malcolm wanted out of the game the moment he held his child with his wife by his side, but the streets wouldn't allow him to change. Will Malcolm give up the ways of the streets or continue LIVING WITH NO REGRETS?

Price: $19.99

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