King of the Boardwalk

King of the Boardwalk


American gangster Midget Molley was born in the 1950's, raised inb the 1960's, came of age in the 1970's and reigned supreme in the 1980's. He commanded a boardwalk empire in twenty-one years, becoming Atlantic City's richest drug lord and gang leader of the notorious ASO Posse.

Pay-offs, bribery, blackmail, kick-backs and murder were the way of doing business in Atlantic city. it was during a time when crime did pay, and if you wanted to play you had to play by Midget Molley's rules. Politicians and community leaders alike sought his acquaintance...and his dollars too.

Midget Molley and his ASO posse single-handedly shutdown La Cosa Nostra at the Jersey Shore during the 1980's. "No longer were black hustlers going to pay white gangsters or be subservient to white politicians", said Midget Molley when he was 10 years old. "I'm going to be the biggest and best hustler Atlantic City ever produced; and if any politician or duck town mobster wanna try to stop me we will show them how the new black hustlers get down."

This was the North Side swagger of Midget Molley in Atlantic city; a city where Boardwalk empire nucky Thompson and other grimy white politicians, along with the mafia, had ruled since the 1920's. But a new day had come when Midget Molley became king of the Boardwalk.

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