HBO Documentary Films: Gang Wars

Gang Wars [2 Disc Set]
(1) Bangin' in Little Rock
(2) Back in the Hood

Not Everyone Who Leaves Little Rock Leaves it Behind

Presented By: HBO Documentary Films

In 1994 there was a war raging in Little Rock, Arkansas, a town where the homicide rate was higher than in both New York and Los Angeles. Welcome to the setting of Marc Levin and Daphne Pinkerson's acclaimed HBO documentaries Gang Wars.

Gang War: Banging in Little Rock, cronicles the lives of rival gang members. Allowed unpresedented access to their culture, the producers of Gang War offer an unflinching look at big city gangs like the Bloods, Crips, Folk, Vice Lords, and Gangster Disciples coming to middle America.

Back in the Hood: Gang War 2 follows Leifel Jackson, onetime leader of the OCCs (Original Gangster Crips), as he is released from prison after almost a decade behind bars. Jackson was one of the targets in the 1993 drive-by shooting captured in the first Gang War Documentary. Now he is trying to live the straight life and make a difference in his neighborhood, but everyday is a struggle.

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