Double Feature: Slaughter / Slaughter's Big Ripoff

Double Feature: Slaughter / Slaughter's Big Ripoff



Ex-Green Beret Slaughter (Brown) sets out to get the mafia man who blew up his folks car with them still in it! But when he blows up a planeload of mob henchman he finds himself the pawn of Feds who were also on the trail. Ordered to tail the mob murderers to South America, Slaughter will use any means possible from bedding a beautiful mafia babe (Stella Stevens) to blowing up a few vehicles of his own to get his man! The appropriately titled Slaughter (New York Daily News) is one killer entertainment!

Slaughter's Big Ripoff

When a gunman in a plane tries to pull a fly-by on Slaughter, he knows his battle with the mob and corrupt cops is far from over. Helped by an honest detective and a good-hearted pimp, Slaughter goes on a mission to expose a list that names every politician and policeman on the mob dole. But it won't be easy. The list is in the home safe of the big man himself (McMahon) and he'll do anything, including kidnapping Slaughter's babe, to keep it!

Price: $14.99 [DVD]

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