Double Feature: Sheba, Baby / The Monkey Hustle

Double Feature: Sheba, Baby / The Monkey Hustle


Sheba, Baby

Sheba Shayne is a private eye summoned to her hometown to help her father stop the mob from moving in on his loan business. But she gets too close to the fire, narrowly escaping the blast of a car bomb. Gunning for justice, Sheba vows to take revenge. Packing a .44 Magnum, a machine gun and a couple of surprises that will blow the bad guys away, she leaves a blazing trail of blood in her wake and puts the mob on the defensive until she's duped into an ingenious plot that could flatten her curves forever.

The Monkey Hustle

Everybody's got a scam goin on in this small Chicago hood, but nobody's got it goin quite like Daddy Foxx (Yaphet Kotto). He's so smooth, he teaches Flim-Flam 101, how to score, scam, jimmy and jam and get over on anyone! But when a new expressway threatens to express its way through their turf, Foxx and all the other monkey hustlers have to band together or the only place left to do their deeds will be between six stripey lines on a blacktop!

Price: $14.99 [DVD]

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