Crack Heads Gone Wild NY 2

Crack Heads Gone Wild NY Vol.2

The Subway Series

Presented by:
Monkey Hustle Films and Headliners Productions
CAUTION Crack Heads Gone Wild Will Crack You Up!

Real Crack Heads! No Actors

Fighters * Rappers * Smokers * Idiots
VOLUME 2 is crazier than ever with crack heads like Kool Moe Crack and Little Butch, rapping her verse to Dipset. Strong Man Tiny, the strongest Crack head in NYC. as well as Petey Piper AKA the King of Rock who gets high and writes poetry. With a special guest appearance by Red the Rapper (Previously on Volume One). Watch how she claims her fame on 125th Street and signs autographs. We have rappers, singers, dancers and preachers. All crack heads doing Crack head things.This DVD will take you into the world of a crack head and scare you straight into not doing drugs. If you have never seen a crackhead in a hilarious moment then this is the DVD you need to see.

Price: $14.99 [DVD only]

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