Cops Gone Wild

Cops Gone Wild


No matter where you're from in the world, police brutality has happened before and will continue to happen until we all stand together and fight back. In this almost 2 hour DVD we will expose some of the worst footage showing police brutality and it's effects on the family and loved ones of it's victims. Even celebrities such as Michael Jackson (R.I.P.) explains the abuse he received from police while taken into custody.

The footage on this DVD is raw and uncut, taken and recorded from innocent bystanders, Cop Car Dash Cams, Surveillance Videos and Camera Phones. Not even children are exempt from the abuse inflicted by today's police officers. We will even go so far to show you a video of a man surrendering to police in California only to be shot dead on camera on his family's porch.

The sad truth is the "Good Ol' Days" of cops actually helping people and preventing crimes are a thing of the past and although not all cops are bad, dirty, or corrupted let's face it, for every good one that's out there, there are twice as many more crooked than the so-called criminals they claim to protect us from. So, be prepared because this DVD will bring to light the things you might of heard about but never have seen. Due to some graphic scenes of violence parental discretion is strongly advised.

Price: $14.99

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