Prey for Love

Prey for Love

by Leyton Wint

Not only does Alex "Lex" Walker kill people for a living, but he's good at what he does. Skills and discipline has Lex at the top of his game, and the gig in Miami seems to be just anopther step towards retiring rich. That is, right up until he crosses paths with Chaine, a mysterious sensually daring beauty who's got all the right moves and the curves to match.

Love isn't on his agenda, but Lex soon finds himself caught up. Distracted by an intense love affair, Lex is unable to see that the girl of his dreams just might be be his worst nightmare. As the lines between business and personal get blurred he finds himself on a wild ride - fueled by sex, exotic locations and gunplay.

In the world of murder-for-hire hitting your mark means the difference between survival and starvation, and falling in love is a liability that could cost everything. The game that once showed him love threatens to take Lex under. It's a fight for his freedom, fortune, and his very life; as the predator becomes the prey.

Price: $15.00 [Book - Paperback]

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