Midget Molley - Resurrection of a Legend

Midget Molley - Resurrection of a Legend

by Ali Rob

Money, sex, murder, betrayal, mayhem

The addiction and the chilling escapades of a life experienced only by few and sought by many, where not every day was promised, was how he lived. Resurrection of a Legend is based on the the true story of Atlantic City's first kingpin, and founder of the ASO posse, Midget Molley, who eluded federal agents but not the fate of his his first love and wife, Myeesha Molley; a woman empowered by her committment to save the man who heavily influenced all that crossed his path.

Left for dead, an empire in the making, as well as his fetish for violence and the almighty dollar. Midget Molley rose like a phoenix - blood red and deadly - to face a nemesis as cold and calculating as himself. Seymour Jones believed midget had his partner murdered. Every waking moment, Seymour hunted Midget Molley and his crew, killing them off, one by one. Not a soul was safe - male or female, young or old.

Does Midget recover from the slaughtering of his crew? Does his son, Hyleem, who was groomed in the shadow of his sinister father, spring forth and take over? Can Tyree, midget's right-hand man, handle his role as the top enforcer? Is the game finally over?

Price: [Paperback] $14.95

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