How To Hustle and Win, pt 2: Rap, Race and Revolution

How To Hustle and Win, pt 2: Rap, Race and Revolution

by Supreme Understanding

Follow up to the 5-STAR BESTSELLER how To Hustle and Win: A Survival guide for the Ghetto

"Supreme Understanding has brought forth a brilliant work in this 2nd volume, Rap, Race and Revolution, a book that I'm sure will have the same phenomenal success as his initial work in this series, How To Hustle and Win. the relavance of this kind of work should not be understated. Supreme's point of view represents a true bridge of understanding becuase of the way he condenses volumes of information - using satire, humor, pimpology, revolutionary theory, metaphysical/mathematical analysis - all into an easy to follow, hip hop-toned conversation aimed at inspiring and empowering the masses to discover their own knowledge of self and the world around us...And then challenging us all to ACTUALIZE this information to empower our people.

I am honored to play a small role, as a comrade, and as a fan of the author. I think that Supreme represents a new kind of authorship that is creative, conscious, activist and brutally honest. His work is consistently well-researched and well-written. We must have the winner's mentality to be effective. i give thanks for Supreme's dedication, his insights and his creative swagger. If you enjoyed Supreme's first work How To Hustle and Win, then get ready for the next level: Rap, Race and Revolution. Your world is sure to change for the better." of dead prez

If you liked How To Hustle and Win, pt 2: Rap, Race and Revolution, get How to Hustle and Win: A Survival Guide for the Ghetto, pt.1 and Knowledge of Self.

Price: $14.95 [Book - Paperback]

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