Born in the Streets but Raised in Prison

Born in the Streets but Raised in Prison

by Tra Verdejo

Victor Davila grew up in Spanish Harlem, NY. He went through the sterotypical ghetto childhood. His parents were drug addicts and he became homeless at an early age. While living on the streets, he quickly adapted to the street life and became a hustler. His crew, the Young Kingpins, became a million dollar organization. The fast cash lifestyle turned victor's dreams into nightmares, friends became enemies, love meant hate, loyalty met betrayal and freedom was shackled. Victor, was Born in the Streets but Raised in Prison.

This book will have you sitting on the edge anticipating what's going to happen next. Tra Verdejo brings this script to life and paints a graphic picture that will absorb your attention. This book will expose the many obstacles of our young generation. Hopefully after reading this book you will be less judgmental and more proactive. We need to destroy the inner city stigma in order to look forward to a promising future.

The author, Tra Verdejo, is a native of Spanish Harlem. It's through his experiences that he's able to bring us such vivid literature. His writing will guide you through joy and pain while the truth is being revealed. This rookie author expresses himself as a veteran.

Price: $14.95 [Book - Paperback]

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